Customer ideas will shape our future

By Mallory Colliflower, AutoNation on Friday, January 21, 2011

Following the success of other companies using the power of the crowd to better their businesses (think, AutoNation launched an community site called AutoNation Ideas where you, our friends and customers, could share your thoughts on how we can improve our business.

Thanks to all of your fantastic ideas, we’ve got a solid benchmark for what you’d like to see improved within the customer experience.

Congratulations to the top three idea-makers who earned the most votes. Your great ideas will be put to work at our dealership locations. We’ll also keep you updated on our progress here on our blog.

With your ongoing feedback we can continue our mission of delivering a tailored experience for each and every one of you. We encourage you to keep visiting when the light bulb goes off in your head and you encounter a way we can do better. Tell us. Share with others. Start a comment thread and keep the topics flowing. It means a great deal to us and we thank you for that.


User Reviews And Blog Reviews

Category: AutoNation Websites

‘Mike Ammo’ writes: “There is nothing more valuable than actual people writing actual reviews of their cars. Provide a financial incentive for the review (such as a free oil change) and it would be a great way to spread the word about good cars.”

Better Lighting

Category: Buying Cars and Trucks

EvaMarie writes: “I work during the day and can’t necessarily get to a dealership during daylight hours. The last time I was buying a car, it was so dark, we were reading the stickers to see what color the actual car was. Finally, they brought it to the front and parked it under a street light. Unfortunately, it cast a yellow glow onto the car. I left still nervous that it was the blue one. Locations need to have better, more true lighting, both in-doors and out. Not only will it appeal to people like myself, but help to showcase the more subtle hues and interior details.”

Computer Stations in the Waiting Room

Category: Service and Maintenance

crazeypoet writes: “Sometimes, when coming in to have maintenance or service done on your car, you have to wait longer than expected. When you have a family, it’s difficult to wait this extra time without keeping up with life. It would be wonderful to have a computer in the waiting room to use to be able to check in. These computer stations could also be set up with programs of information about repairs and maintenance to answer questions a customer might have when employees are unable to assist them. I definitely think this would cut down on the tension in the service waiting rooms.”

Check back here on Monday when we’ll be announcing the launch of our next promotion!

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